Nicole and I wanted to reach out and let you know how much we appreciate all of your hard work getting us into our new house.  It is rare in today’s business environment to find a person who will invest their time and resources to help you, even before you make a commitment back.  That is what you did for us, you invested so much in us before we even knew we were moving to Idaho Falls.  That commitment sold us immediately.  Having been through the process of buying and selling a property several times, we can say with the utmost confidence, you were the hardest working, most honest, and most professional realtor we’ve worked with either here or back in Colorado.  You were always straight forward with information, extremely competent in your knowledge regarding every step of the purchase process, and timely in all of your communications with us.  In addition, we received compliments from our mortgage company regarding your professionalism and communications, stating, “your realtor is GREAT to work with – we love her.”  Coming from a national mortgage company, and not prompted, we believe that speaks highly of you and what you’re about.  You made the entire process memorable in a very positive way. We would not hesitate at all in recommending you to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property, we hold you in the highest regard, and look forward to working with you when we decide to sell or purchase again. You will be our realtor for life!

Mike and Nicole Kerr

-Mike and Nicole Kerr

If you are looking for a realtor who absolutely knows and understands the local real estate market, and is honest and open in her evaluations, then Renee Spurgeon is the Realtor for you. When my wife and I were considering putting our house on the market, we were referred by a friend of ours that we should give Renee a look. We had her come to our house, take a look and give us an evaluation of what our home was worth and get her take on the current market conditions. She was completely open and honest with her evaluation and stood behind her pricing strategy. We then interviewed two other realtors who were significantly higher in their price evaluation. We decided that we needed to get an actual appraisal to determine the market value of our house. When we received the appraisal, we found that Renees market evaluation was spot on. Even though it was lower than what the other Realtors values were, we were very impressed and appreciated that she was straight forward with us and gave us an accurate detailed value of our home. If you are looking for a Realtor who will be honest and open with you, then look no further than Renee!
TJ and Stacy Nottestad

-TJ and Stacy Nottestad

As a local contractor who has worked with Renee on a variety of different remodeling projects I am thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of what should be done in order to sell a house. She knows and understands the current marketing trends and has a keen eye in making decisions that help in selling her houses. Renee is very easy to work with and her attention to detail is second to none. She definitely takes pride in the houses that she is listing and does whatever it takes in order for the house to look and feel like a home. 

Discovery Construction, LLC

-Discovery Construction, LLC